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Our Services

Business Solutions

We develop solutions for industries involving production and marketing processes, co-creating and implementing tailor-made tools that facilitate the management, control, and traceability of all operations and daily activities within an organization.

Mobile Apps

We create custom mobile applications to meet specific needs. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and adopting a user-centric approach, we provide mobile solutions with intuitive interfaces and the ability to incorporate diverse features to enhance success in the digital environment.

Big E-Commerce

We facilitate the digital commerce of your products and services on various globally recognized platforms (Marketplaces), managing all activities related to online sales in a massive way. We offer a comprehensive solution from a single platform.

Hardware Integration

We develop convergence with existing technologies (Hardware Integration). This is aimed at communicating information, seeking to address the most critical needs with mechanical, electrical, and programming integration services.

Virtual Technologies

We create a virtual world where you can engage in multiple activities, train, and evaluate actions to improve skills that are crucial in performance, proficiency, and operational execution. This is achieved through experiences in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality.

Personalized Support

Lion Intel Solutions' support model allows our clients access to a team of highly trained experts who are available anytime, anywhere, to provide answers and assistance, ensuring peace of mind and operational efficiency for our clients.

Based on the nature and typology of undertaken projects, we design and execute comprehensive plans for continuity, maintenance, and evolution, ensuring the convergence of services, continuous availability, and effective adaptation to changes in the business environment.

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